Why 'Lime' when it is only me - well, why not?! I've worked independently for the last 19 years - mostly direct to client but through agencies as well, bringing my time as a graphic designer to just shy of 30 years. Having worked across the board in terms of both size of organisation & industry type, my skill base is varied.

I thoroughly enjoy what I do and take great pride in doing it well. I have an eye for detail and a skill for visual communication. An understanding of the written word and ability to compose and edit prose allows me to work with type, both creatively and fluently.


My primary focus was on materials for print. In a changing world with an increasing on-line focus, I produce web sites through an on-line builder. A Wix website offers the opportunity of self management as the website builder software is accessible to all. This can be an attractive web solution for smaller enterprises where the budget is tight or changes are limited but frequent. 


Social media marketing has taken hold in recent years. I can manage both Twitter Instagram & Facebook campaigns & provide custom video ads, if needed.


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Helping to squeeze a little more from your marketing budget...